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Ninth Day of Christmas – September

2 Jan

In September 2011, I:

* Considered My Scene Nolee:

My Scene Nolee doll

* Made some tops and used some vintage clothes:

So In Style in vintage and home-made fashion

* Found out when Cali Girl Barbie`s birthday is:

Cali Girlzine Barbie Biography

* Hand-sewed ten outfits for my Lea dolls:

Lea/ Kayla dolls in handmade white dresses

* (these were my favourites):
Two Kayla dolls in handmade shorts and teeshirts

Seventh Day of Christmas – July

31 Dec

In July 2001, I:

* Featured this Pre-Raphaelite pagan for the first time:

Secret spells kayla

* Played Cali Girl Uno:

Cali Girl Uno Card Set

* Got my first vintage sculpt doll:

Sixties Barbie reproduction

* Took this mermaid ….

Mermaid fantasy Kayla

* …. and gave her some legs:

Mermaid Fantasy Kayla re-bodied

* Took another of my favourite pictures:

barbie trixie speed racer

* Went on holiday:

Cali Boy Blaine and Cali Girl Lea go on holiday

* Made another dress:

Barbie in handmade dress

* Ripped off some 90s jeans ads:

Barbie Basics Jeans model 16 and model 5

* Had a great time restoring this Tori:

My Room Generation Girl Tori after restoration

Tori - after

Sixth Day Of Christmas – June

30 Dec

During June 2011, I:

* Discovered photo editing (duh):

* Became a bit of an egomaniac with my birthstone and zodiac sign barbies:

* Featured Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie, which got the blog a lot of hits (well, she`s gorgeous)

Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie

* Started to think more about how to structure a picture …

* … and to experiment more with effects and filters …

Barbie basics collection 2 model 14

* Had a picnic (in the rain, actually, although you can`t tell from the pictures)

So In Style Pastry dolls

* Took one of my favourite pictures:

Re-dressed Twilight Alice doll

* Was deeply irritated by Barbie Heidi`s painted-on underwear:

Heidi Klum barbie in underwear

* Found a Barbie with tan lines:

Sun Lovin Malibu PJ 1978

* Made my first handmade dress out of pink PVC:

Barbie Lea/ Kayla

* Fought Chandra`s corner (not that it made any difference):

Barbie So In Style Chandra

Christmas Eve Special Part One – Ballet Dolls

24 Dec

I should have got this post out last night, but due to the pre-Christmas madness, I didn’t get round to it. Therefore, tonight’s going to be a double-header … the sensible thing to do would have been to drop this post, as it meant sewing that I didn’t really have time for, but I did it anyway. So here’s my 1980s Prima Ballerina, and my two dancing princesses who are wearing handmade costumes …

Ballet dolls in handmade outfitsBallet dolls at ChristmasDancing Princesses Blair and EdelineDancing Princesses Blair and Edeline re-dressed


Christmas Special – So In Style Part 7

18 Dec

So In Style in Handmade Blue Dresses

So In Style Dolls at ChristmasI’m very happy with how these little outfits for the SIS girls turned out. Originally I planned to do them all the same as Trichelle’s, but I decided I’d get bored about one and a half dresses into the project. I didn’t use patterns for any of them (I will get round to posting about this sooner or later, I’m sure), I’m really much happier working this way. Also, due to the style of the skirt I took the material from, I didn’t have to do any hemming so I got them finished in record time. All in all, a nice project to do.

I’m not so happy with the pictures, but I really can’t be bothered to re-do the shoot as firstly, the batteries in my camera ran out, triggering much swearing and banging around to try and find new ones, then the card filled up and I had to erase some old pictures in a hurry, then three quarters of the pictures I took didn’t show up when I put the card into the computer, presumably because of the full card. Sometimes its better just to quit when you’re ahead.

Lea Retrospective

30 Sep

Ten Lea/ Kayla faced barbies in handmade clothes


Ok, its been quite a while. I’ve missed updating but my reasons for leaving it so long have been this … in a fit of whimsy, at the start of my blog I started numbering the Lea/ Kayla faced dolls I featured. Then I got it into my head that every so often, I should have a recap, and to tie it together I should make all the outfits for the group photo. It seemed like a good idea, and I stopped featuring Leas when I reached ten, thinking I’d do the recap post before posting any more. Well, it got to six weeks after my last Lea post, I had a big backlog of Leas I couldn’t feature because I hadn’t got the outfits for the recap post done, and eventually I decided enough was enough. I banned myself from posting until I had made the outfits and done the photos.

I’ve dragged my heels a bit over the last week, but I’m surprised to have found that it didn’t bore me, which I thought it would do. I’ve learned a lot through doing this project. I haven’t started using the sewing machine, but I’ve got my hand-sewing speed up and I feel much more confident making clothes now. I’ve also learned how to make doll’s clothes without a pattern and I find it easier and more enjoyable – I also think the clothes fit and look better. I’ll write a post about it at some point. The only items of clothing above that I used a pattern for were the shorts, and they weren’t even supposed to be shorts – they were supposed to be knickers.

Anyway, from the above photo the featured dolls are as follows:

(Standing, back row, left to right) – Lea 4, Fashion Fever/ Lea 3, Hard Rock 2007/ Lea 5, Secret Spells Kayla/ Lea 9, Fashion Fever

(Sitting, on chaise long) – Lea 10, Magical Mermaid/ Lea 7, Basics Collection 2

(Sitting, on platform) – Lea 8, Fashion Fever/ Lea 6, Mermaid Fantasy Kayla (rebodied)

(Sitting, front row) – Lea 1, Cali Girl Horserider, Lea 2, as yet unidentified (annoyingly)

I have featured three other Lea-faced dolls in the course of this blog and in the name of anal retentiveness, I hereby christen them Leas 11, 12 and 13. I will feature them in my next Lea retrospective.

Lea/ Kayla dolls in handmade white dressesFashion Fever Kayla in handmade white dressTwo Kayla dolls in handmade shorts and teeshirtsLeft to right - Magical Mermaid Kayla, Fashion Fever Kayla, Mermaid Fantasy KaylaCali Girl Lea in handmade dressMagical Mermaid Kayla and Mermaid Fantasy Kayla in handmade clothesSecret Spells Kayla in handmade dress



So In Style Part 5(b) – Smarty Pants

11 Sep

So In Style in vintage and home-made fashionBarbie Kara and Trichelle restyledBarbie Grace and Kara restyledSo In Style re-styledKara and Chandra re-styledTrichelle restyledGrace re-styled


Hi …. sorry for the big pause, a general feeling of unwellness blossomed into a really hideous tooth infection so for once, I’ve not had Barbies on the brain for the last week or so. However, I am now antibiotic-ed up to the gills, so I’ve actually finished a project I’ve been planning for a while. The So In Style crew wear some vintage Barbie trousers in these pictures and to tie it at all together, I’ve made four tops from the same black satin material. I love the way this stuff looks, but its not easy to work with – it starts to fray as soon as you cut it so you have to work quick and leave yourself a good-size seam allowance, its also not stretchy at all so there’s no room for error (I get round this by actually sewing it on the doll as far as I can, rather than relying the accuracy of my measurements). I only used a pattern (from Simplicity 4702) for Kara’s top, the others I sort of made up as I went along. I will include some instructions about how I made them at some point in the coming week.



We’re back

23 Jul

Barbie in handmade dress

I love making clothes, but Barbie Summer’s seaside inspired dress took me absolutely bloody ages. I really need to start using the sewing machine!

Barbie in handmade seaside inspired dress








Lea 4

28 Jun

I think Lea 4 is one of those fashion fever Leas in the blue and white outfits which are quite easy to get hold of on eBay etc, but as I bought her nude I’m not 100% sure about this.

Barbie Lea in Handmade dressBarbie Lea/ Kayla PVC dressBarbie Lea/ Kayla

I made her PVC dress by using the top from one pattern and the skirt from another (I’m still not completely sold on using patterns, its a pain in the arse and I end up improvising a lot). I don’t think it came out too bad for a rank amateur, but as I still haven’t got round to teaching myself how to use the sewing machine, I don’t think I’m going to be mass producing any time soon.


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