California Girls

17 May

I had, oh, at least six more articles planned, but then I got a delivery and they all … went out of my head.

Cali girl Barbie still in box Cali girl Barbie box 1Cali Girl Barbie still in boxCali Girl Barbie packaging 6Cali Girl Barbie packaging 2Cali girl Barbie packaging 4Cali girl Barbie packaging 5


I was prepared for a nice doll but I wasn’t prepared for the lovely packaging, which comes with a gatefold of photos at the back. The reason I wanted the doll in the packaging, rather than spending a little less on getting an unboxed version (and these are easy to find) isn’t because I really care about having a mint or boxed item (I will come back to this in other posts, probably). Its because for this doll in particular, I fancied all the little accessories, as these are what elevate it from being just another beach doll into a rather cool item. There’s a wistful, nostalgic, hippie quality to this doll and this is best conveyed through the dayglo tropical flower on the bikini top, the little crochet hat, the love beads, the sweat band on the wrist, the pink sunglasses. These are exactly the bits that any little girl – no matter how careful – is going to mislay.

Well, she was worth it.

One thing that does really interest me is the beautiful black doll that comes in this range (fourth picture, furthest on the right out of four). I’ve not seen her on any of my sites, or if I have, I’ve never really noticed her before. She is just stunning with her wide-set eyes and her full mouth and I love her curly hair texture, which is relatively rare even in very contemporary dolls (I’m a sucker for it – I could probably write several posts just on this topic). I just googled her and I have found her for sale, but unfortunately not in this country. I feel another obsessive search coming on …


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