So In Style part one

18 May

So far, I haven’t posted about one of my main interests, which is the So In Style range. I just love these dolls. Their faces are gorgeous, the clothes are right on the money and they’re convincing, almost like holding a little person in your hand.

My boyfriend, although generally wonderfully non-judgemental (er,so far) about the tide of plastic that has been invading the house over recent months, is mystified as he really doesn’t see the appeal. I think these dolls are very contemporary and probably not to everybody’s taste. I respect this, but its nice when other people like them too. I experienced a warm glow when my boyfriend’s daughter, who is in her early twenties, picked up this Trichelle from pile of dolls currently residing on the kitchen table:

I had this Trichelle shipped from America as soon as I laid eyes on her and I think she beats the sparkly pants off a lot of boring old fuddy-duddy collector dolls. In fact, I like her so much that I am thinking about buying another one of her to keep mint in the box, most unlike me. (Regarding the photos: yes, I took her earrings out. They are extremely plastic and they offended me. I still have them and I suppose I should put them back in some time soon.)

Anyway, my boyfriends daughter said “oooh! I really llke this one! Is that really a John Rocha outfit?” perhaps she was just being polite, but she is generally a pretty straight shooter so I doubt it. She is right, the designer labels are attractive and this is part of what drew me to the So In Style range. The Rocha lines are the ones I am currently concentrating on, but out of all of them this is my favourite and I would have had to buy her immediately even if her outfit was Mattel designed. She’s wearing a pink fur and PVC jacket, for chrissake!


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