Girly girls

22 May

Back in the 90s, I remember setting out one time to buy the most ridiculously girly doll I could find. I was being a bit of a bratty teenager; as a child I had always craved one of these pink-to-the-max dolls, although deep down I knew they weren’t really my sort of thing. Anyway, this is the doll I plumped for:

1990s Sindy

It was a bit of a hollow victory. I was a goth and this doll didn’t represent anything I aspired to.

My grown-up equivalent purchase (who I am much, much happier with) is this doll:

Versace Barbie still in packaging

Right, this doll still doesn’t represent an image I aspire to now (if I could magic myself an amazing figure and a limitless wardrobe, it would be packed with Vivienne Westwood, Julien McDonald, Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane). In fact, I have no idea why I bought her when I could have had a Hard Rock doll, for instance, for similar money. Apart from this – the Hard Rock dolls are gorgeous, but they didn’t fascinate me the way Versace Barbie did. She’s luxury in doll form, beautifully executed, and she satisfies my grown-up craving for style. I don’t need it to be my style, as long as it is this gorgeous.

By the way, poor old Sindy is now on eBay; at the time of writing, the auction isn’t ended but she has sold. It’s not that I needed the few quid she will raise and it does give me a bit of a pang to think of parting with her. But I am holding onto plenty of the other dolls I bought in the 90s, and I am sure there are people out there who do have a passion for dolls like her. I just need to define the edges of my collection a little and make some space. Bye bye Sindy, I hope you get a nice new home!

ADDITIONAL: I’ve done some research and my (now departed) Sindy was a Pearly Princess. She must have been in the shop for a while when I got her, as apparently she was manufactured around 1988, and I can’t find any record of a re-issue in the 90’s.


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