What goes around comes around

30 May

The 80s fashion revival continues. The clothes for sale on the high street have become more and more barbie-like. So I have dressed these dolls following the advice that gets rolled out in fashion magazines every spring and autumn – toughen up girly dresses with accessories …



This Theresa (I bought her nude, but I think she’s a Fashion Fever doll? and in very good condition) wears black tights, vintage unlabelled denim jacket and a purple label dress I remember really well from the first time round.




Barbie Bride is on the left – I was sure I read somewhere that this is the name of this face sculpt but can’t find where I read this, so maybe I’m wrong. I got her because this sculpt really reminds me of one of my childhood friends. She’s wearing a vintage purple label dress, and the Barbie Basics Look 001 Collection 002 jacket, shoes and sunglasses.

Barbie Summer is on the right – I’ve heard this doll called “squashy-faced” and “balloon headed” but I quite like her, and this model has lovely streaked hair. She also wears a purple label dress with fashionista artsy fashion pack cowboy boots and bag and a handmade necklace.

I think you could get away with walking down the street in any of these outfits – in fact, I see much weirder every day ….


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