Birthstone & Zodiac Barbies

6 Jun

I try to keep myself in check. I have my rules. I have my clearly defined areas of interest. When I found this beautiful pink label Mbili doll going for a song, I thought I was sticking to them:

Pink label AA pisces barbie

She was even my star sign Barbie, goddamit – it was like it was fated. So anyway – in the interests of preserving my sense of self-control, I did not buy when I saw this lovely AA Birthstone Barbie, also going for a song:

AA birthstone barbie - March

But then I regretted it terribly and went on a mad hunt to find her again. Which I did, and as it was at a song again, it must really actually have been fated. Maybe. I admit it, its a madly egotistical area of interest to foster – but I’m very happy with them (especially now I have found that Zodiac Barbie’s rather ugly dress is removable  without cutting after all, it looked like it was sewn on when she was boxed and I was gutted).

AA Birthstone Barbie March and Pisces Barbie


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