Barbie Basics 1.5 model 3

10 Jun

Earlier we were commenting about the Lana Turner look to the basics 1.5 model 3 doll:

Lana Turnerbarbie basics collection 1.5 model 3

She’s maybe a little cartoony for me but the Steffie face is an old one, and is always going to look that way next to more modern, realistic dolls. Her hair is a little frizzy and I don’t think it suits her tied back off her face, I’ve been thinking that maybe she would look better with finger waves for a more vintage look.

barbie basics model 3

3 Responses to “Barbie Basics 1.5 model 3”

  1. Maria June 10, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    I unboxed my doll this week and totally agree…the Steffie face is less realistic than I usually like and her hair was a LOT more frizzy than the photos Ive seen on the web(If you got yours from the same place I got mine then perhaps it is just that one batch?) but on the plus side model 5 is AMAZING and even better than the pics Ive seen..

  2. barbielea June 10, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    I read somewhere that using a detangling spray on her hair might help de-frizz it, I might give it a go and if I ever get round to it, I might try to re-style a little bit too. Having seen those amazing pics on the net as well, I was a little bit disappointed with her hair, but now I’m thinking it could be sorted. Will post if and when I do. Glad you are liking your model 5, I had a bit of a nightmare with my collection 2 model 5 – my seller sent me the wrong model out, think it’s resolved now but I’m going to have to wait a bit longer *sigh* thanks for posting


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    […] One dolls – so if I used a Fashionista, they wouldn’t fit her any more. Similarly, my Collection 1.5 Model Three has a rigid, satin-effect dress, so a Fashionista wouldn’t have been any good for her […]

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