Ballet blue

11 Jun

Black barbie ballet dancer

This doll is older than most in my collection – the person who sold her to me reckoned she was from 1987 and this might be right as she has the Christie/ New Black face sculpt from 1985 (thanks, I’m such a face geek thanks to you). Its not that I dislike older dolls, its just that they tend to be smiling and sugary and there’s only so much of this I can deal with before I get bored. However, the odd one, like this one, really appeals to me.

She’s obviously getting on a bit as her face paint shows. To those of us more used to modern dolls, I think it looks a little blocky. However, her gorgeous Diana Ross hair is clean, fluffy and untangled (although it does smell a bit like a car air freshener) – I can’t believe what good condition its in. She came to me wearing a purple label dress which obviously wasn’t her original outfit. Her pointed feet and white legs suggested she was a ballet doll. As I don’t have the expertise or the patience to even try to trace her original outfit, I got this one, which matches her painted-on shoes and the highlights in her eyes (eyes matched to outfit again, sigh), from an ebay seller called dnsjc who deserves some kind of medal for selling decent handmade stuff.

Barbie ballet dancer

ADDITIONAL: This doll identified by Betjemul in Feb 2013 as a “My First Barbie” from 1993. Thanks Betjemul!


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