Basics Collection 2 model 14

12 Jun

barbie basics model 14I recently got this model from the second basics collection by mistake. I’d ordered a different model but the strange thing was, I’d been hesitating between this one and the one I’d ordered for ages. I don’t think she stands out very much in the collection 2 line-up but when you see her on her own, its obvious what a stunning model she really is. Despite how she appears in the above photo, she’s not a particularly “pretty” doll and from some angles, her strong features look older than they should. But she’s striking, there’s something about her that attracts a second look and in Barbieworld, among millions of “pretty” dolls, this is something special. I think this face, which is known as the “Louboutin” (because its used on the line of dolls designed by Louboutin), or “Glimmer”, is going to end up being another favourite of mine.

barbie basics model 14Barbie basics collection 2 model 14Barbie basics collection 2 model 14


Incidentally, I’ve been so busy concentrating on the four currently available collections, I’ve only recently started to consider what the next line might be like. I’ve had a little internet hunt to see if I could locate any spoilers but couldn’t see anything. Barbie Basics Collection 3 will have to be about a form of clothing that is, er, basic to most women’s wardrobes, of course. I’ve been racking my brains and I feel like I’m missing it … er, underwear? Maybe this been done to death with the Silkstone Range, and would they risk the controversy that would doubtless be attracted by scantily clad nearly playline dolls? Swimwear would probably be a bit more acceptable to the easily offended, but unless its super-amazing swimwear on super-amazing dolls I’d be a bit disappointed (see my post “what’s so good about cali girls” for details of my mixed feelings about swimsuit dolls). Maybe workout wear, given that they will (hopefully) continue using the new jointed fully poseable bodies, but is this glam enough? I’m sure that when I find out, I will think “oh yeah, obvious really”. Do me a favour though – if you read this and you’ve heard any whispers (or if you have any great ideas!) I’d like to know what they are …


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