California Boy

14 Jun

California Boy Blaine

I know I only posted about Blaine a couple of weeks ago, but now I’ve managed to get my hands on a boxed version I thought he might be worth returning to. I don’t quite understand how I managed to score this doll so easily, given the difficulty I had before.

I don’t feel like de-boxing him yet, although I probably will. With these dolls, the packaging is often as interesting as the objects inside – look at the surf shack roof on the box! And I quote:

” Jumped in my 4×4 this morning and hit the waves at sunrise. At one point I looked back to the shore and caught my sister with some friends. I couldn’t take my eyes off the blonde. Its not like me to hang round my baby sister and her friends, but something about her was different. I made a note to self to meet up with them later.”

This is steamy stuff for Barbie, isn’t it? Nonsensical of course – I’ve been wondering how the lad managed to successfully surf and ogle at the same time. But hey – at least he didn’t say “rad” …

Barbie Blaine CaliforniaB Barbie California Boy Blaine packaging Barbie cali boy packaging imageBarbie Cali Boy Blaine packaging imageCalifornia boy Blaine surfer packaging image


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