Generation Girl Tori

25 Jun

Generation Girl ToriBarbie Generation Girl Tori

A couple of pictures of Tori for you here. I do like the Generation Girl range – they were Emo before Emo was even a twinkle in Goth’s eye. One of the things I really like about this doll is her strange blonde, blue and platinum hair with crimped sections. Its too long and I am really tempted to take it out of the bunches and give it a cut as I think it could look brilliant with a bit of work, but maybe not yet. The other thing is the black nail varnish and the thumb ring on those unusual, carefully made hands, which have separated fingers – Mariko (from the same range) has the same hands with blue nail varnish. Her face is a little sugary-simpery but the paint is very finely done. These are quality dolls – I’ve seen worse painted modern collector dolls.

The Generation Girl range was first released in 1999 and this Tori was one of those first wave dolls. All the dolls had brand new face sculpts. Tori shares hers with the red-haired Chelsie, who I have tried to get to like but really don’t. This is another range of dolls with a back story – they all had last names (Tori’s was Burns) and they all went to school together in New York. Tori was a champion extreme sportswoman (snowboarding, inline skating, rock climbing etc) and she came from Australia. Apparently, this particular Tori was withdrawn from sale early on because there were complaints about her earrings (one in one ear and three in the other) and re-issued with no earrings at all. Poor old Tori, I too was rocking the multi-peircing look in the nineties and I know how you feel because my parents never liked it much either 🙂

ADDITIONAL: Its been suggested that since I told you about the rarity of the three earrings version, I should really show you the three earrings. So here she is – Tori with three earrings, bless her:

Rare first wave Tori Generation Girl with Three Earrings in left ear


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