Sun Lovin Malibu PJ

26 Jun

Its a barbie … with tan lines. WITH TAN LINES. For some reason, this has impressed me like you wouldn’t believe. For those of you who can’t remember the world was like before Melanotan, spray booths and Fake Bake (well, she does date from the late seventies) this is what used to happen to people who exposed some parts of their body to the sun and not others. My boyfriend says she just looks like she’s wearing a rubbish bra and knickers (a forerunner to Heidi Barbie?) but I think she’s brilliant. She’s not in her original outfit, but round her wrist she wears one of her original hairbands as a bracelet.

And if I ever do decide to do a True Blood diorama, I think I could do worse than a blue-eyed version of this model for my Sookie Stackhouse/ Anna Paquin character …

Sun Lovin Malibu Barbie 1978Sun Lovin Malibu PJ 1978

Malibu PJ with tan lines

Sun Lovin Malibu PJ with tan lines


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