So In Style Part Three – Chandra Spotlight

29 Jun

In the SIS line-up, it always seems to be Trichelle at the centre of things. She gets the best outfits, the best hairstyles. When I started collecting this range, she was my favourite. However, I’m a sucker for the underdog and in the So In Style range, Chandra is constantly in danger of getting sidelined. On the Angelicdreamz website, which is where I shop when I can’t find what I want on eBay and I have absolutely no choice but to turn to an American dealer, So In Style are described as a “trio”. The missing doll is Chandra. She also doesn’t feature at all in several SIS lines. There have been rumours going round on the internet that Chandra is about to be dropped altogether – apparently sparked by Mattel failing to pick up her patent renewal.

The sidelining of this doll, and the rumours about dropping her, have surprised me. I can’t speak for the children they are actually manufactured for, but when it comes to collectors Chandra is as often photographed and posted about as Trichelle – maybe even more so. As Chandra is the darkest-skinned doll in the range, Mattel will have to face accusations of racism if they do drop her. This would be a bad time for such accusations, as Mattel have recently improved their (once pretty poor) reputation for embracing diversity with the Barbie Basics range.

On the bright side – a guy called Stephen posted in response to the rumours at the So In Style Fan Club Group on yahoo. He said that he is part of the team currently working on the Pastry Autumn 2011 collection, and Chandra is definitely a part of this. This might all be a load of horse apples, but I for one am certainly hoping it isn’t. Please, bring her back in Autumn! And this time, how about giving her the best dress?

Barbie So In Style ChandraSIS ChandraSo In Style ChandraSIS Chandra


PS. Chandra wears 2009 Barbie fashion and Barbie Basics Collection 002 look 03 shoes. The Dali Lips sofa was a £5 bargain from UK eBay seller extras4nz. And yes, I took her horrible earrings out again.


One Response to “So In Style Part Three – Chandra Spotlight”

  1. kristlsmithtyler July 28, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    I love Chandra too.

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