Cali Girl Barbie – So Excellent Earrings

9 Jul

Cali Girl Barbie So Excellent Earrings


She’s a later wave Cali Girl, which I’m not as fond of. Like Generation Girls, I think the first wave of dolls showed more attention to detail and were less cutesy than the later ones. But she’s OK – I think she photographs better than she looks in the plastic.

This doll comes with an ear piercing kit, which is connected to the story on the packaging. There’s a little doo-hickey that is designed to actually let you “pierce” her ears and then presumably to sit in a drawer for years, occasionally causing people who come across it to wonder what the hell it is. There is also a bottle of water, cotton balls to clean her ears before piercing, and a stool for her to sit on while you do it.

Ear piercing equipment for barbie dollsCali girl barbie prepares for piercingCali girl barbie gets her ears pierced


I thought this was a completely bizarre idea until I remembered how badly I wanted to get my ears pierced when I was a child, and how grown up I felt when I had had it done. Clever old Mattel. By the way, Barbie has her ears pierced in three places, which just a few years earlier got Tori from the Generation Girls range recalled (see my earlier post about this doll for a picture).

This Cali Girl Barbie also comes with the most nerdy glasses I have ever seen – great on the top of the head but when she’s wearing them she looks like this:

Cali Girl Barbie in nerdy glasses



Cali Girl Barbie, you might be feeling very grown up now but you’ve still got a long way to go before you’re a Barbie Basic …

Cali Girl Barbie So Excellent Earrings packaging




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