60s Barbie Repro

11 Jul

Reproduction 60s Barbie

I got this 1995 reproduction of the 1960 Solo In the Spotlight Barbie unboxed and without her microphone and stand. I bought her because I can’t decide whether I like the original Barbie face sculpt or not and I thought this bargain doll (under a tenner) might help me make my mind up. I have seen some lovely dolls with this face, but a lot of the time they remind me of wasps – sulky wasps. In a way, its immaterial whether I like this sculpt or not, as I’m never going to have the money for good examples of original dolls or for the modern Silkstones, which use this sculpt. Maybe I have purposefully not developed a liking for them because of this?

Its not really helped as I still can’t make my mind up about her. I prefer her when she’s not in her reproduction Solo in the Spotlight dress, which I’ve decided I really don’t like.  For these photos, I dressed her in a handmade fur coat I bought from eBay, and a 90s Sindy teddy. Sindy had a wider ribcage than Barbie, so it fits SITS Barbie’s vintage body better than modern Barbie clothes.

By the way, at some point today, somebody made the thousandth viewing of this blog. Cool beans! Thanks for visiting x

60s barbie in fur coat Reproduction 60s Barbie - redheadSixties Barbie reproduction


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