Holiday Time!

15 Jul

Cali Boy Blaine and Cali Girl Lea go on holidayWe are going away on holiday! Me and my family, that is, not me and my dolls, I’m not that bad. We’ll be back next friday and if you’re lucky, I’ll bring you a stick of rock ….

Cali Girl Lea wears Fashionista Artsy clothes and her own shoes – Cali Boy Blaine wears his own shorts. The case has been “borrowed” from Pilot Barbie.




3 Responses to “Holiday Time!”

  1. Maria July 15, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    have a great time and I hope you have great weather for it….oh and dont worry so much about the stick of rock but If you see a nice Hard Rock Barbie for about a fiver feel free to get that instead!x

    (Incidentaly do you remember those weird ‘fried breakfast on a plate’ rock things they used to have at the seaside in the 80s? Bacon and Egg rock? We Brits are an odd bunch arent we?!!)

  2. barbielea July 15, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    Thanks much, setting off early tomorrow and the forecast looks good so here’s hoping 🙂 they still do the bacon and egg rock, I’ve seen it! Laters x


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    […] before we set off for Wales, I intended to do a holiday-themed post with my Cali Girl Lea (like this or this, but hopefully not as rushed and therefore better). However, this year I’d cut the […]

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