So In Style Part Four – Rocha Wave Two

27 Jul

So In Style in Wave Two RochawearSo In Style Barbies in John Rocha outfitsSo In Style Rocha Wave Two I love how influenced by pop culture these outfits are – a bit of punk in Grace’s Vivienne Westwood inspired tartan number, Chandra’s Sergeant Pepper military-style waistcoat, Kara’s bizarre combination of bondage-style toeless platform boots and chavvy hoodie, and Trichelle’s stunning hip-hop graphic skirt. Its a mash-up, its got heart and humour, and it works. I love the first wave Rochas too, but they’re hard to get hold of these days – especially Trichelle and Chandra, who have the best outfits. I will definitely keep trying.

On the other hand, I’m really not sure what I think of the newly released second wave of SIS Pastry. I won’t definitely say no, but they didn’t make me immediately want to buy them like these dolls did. Rocha wave three, anyone?


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