Lea 8 and Lea 9 – Fashion Fever (with no fashion)

2 Aug

SOne of the things I really like about collecting dolls is the detective work that goes with finding an old, unclothed, unidentified doll and working out what she was, when she was made and what she should be wearing. Its so satisfying when you get some resolution on it. This is one of the reasons I have moved away from buying new dolls and concentrated more on buying older, second-hand dolls (the other big reason is financial – SO financial). Maybe this is part of the appeal of Lea? She is certainly an easier doll to identify than blonde Barbie as there are so many more blonde dolls, and blonde Barbie’s identity often seems to lie with her clothes – undressed, who can tell Vet Barbie from Valentine Barbie? Certainly not a newbie like me.

The topmost Lea in the above photograph (with the necklace) was advertised by the seller as a Cali Girl, but I knew that she wasn’t, despite her streaks and her tilted eyes. I saw her on a couple of Flickr posts, but never identified as anything except “Lea/ Kayla Sculpt”. Frustrating! Same with the bottom Lea – only because she doesn’t have any jewellery to help identify her, I felt even more lost. I thought about it. The lower doll on the photograph (without the necklace) looks particularly like a Kayla to me – she has those rounded eyes with the lines radiating from the pupil into the iris. Because she was a Kayla, I wondered if she might be Fashion Fever. I went to here:


Where Helen’s Doll Saga has pictures of every Fashion Fever doll, dressed – what a great resource. I found the uppermost doll in wave C, her necklace making her identification pretty certain. She should have been wearing a pink and red teeshirt and a fifties-style pink print skirt. Having looked through the other collections, I’m pretty sure that lower doll is from Wave N and should have been wearing a white jacket, pink miniskirt and long boots.

So now I’m feeling just a little bit smug about it all! Thanks, Dollsaga 🙂


Kayla BarbiesLea/ Kayla face sculpt, Fashion Fever


3 Responses to “Lea 8 and Lea 9 – Fashion Fever (with no fashion)”

  1. Maria August 2, 2011 at 10:37 pm #

    I totally agree!! Plus I HATE all the packaging that goes with a new doll..if anything the letter NRFB put me off a doll! I really like one thats had a bit of a life that I can restore..
    The most dificult one I had turned out to be Really Rosy Lea with Shakiras outfit on…and like you I felt supremely smug when I found that info out! Recently i got hold of a AA doll with the Nichelle face but weird orange hair streaks as part of a set of odments and she turned out to be Top Model Nikki..but it took me about 2 hours to find that out!…Its hard knowing where to start when you know little about the doll. Luckly I recognised the sculpt but if I hadnt I would have just been down to googling ‘black barbie with neon orange streaks’..Which Im not sure would have been very helpful!

  2. barbielea August 3, 2011 at 8:04 am #

    I find black dolls are also a little bit easier to identify than blonde Barbie, but not by much. I should really invest in an encyclopaedia, one of the proper ones, but they’re so expensive! By the way, I love Top Models – well done with your Nikki, I know the one you mean, she’s called a Hairwear doll I think. There’s a redhead with the Steffi face in the same line, looks a lot like basics 1.5 model 3, have you seen her?


  1. Lea Goes Vintage – Part 3 « barbiebeauties - April 14, 2012

    […] Lea 8 (wearing an 90s Ultra Hair dress and looking a bit windswept) from Fashion Fever wave C, and Lea 9 from Fashion Fever wave N (I think), both first featured in August last year. […]

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