Basics Collection 001 Model 02

3 Aug

barbie basics collection 001 model 02

I’ve had problems photographing dolls with the Lara sculpt before – I don’t think I nailed it when I photographed Twilight Alice – but I’m pretty pleased with these pics. I’m surprised.

As you will probably be aware if you trade on eBay UK at all, there have been a sudden influx of Basics Collection 001 dolls going cheap recently, and this is where I picked up this doll. Sigh. As an aside, I paid a fortune for Basics 001 model 04 who is currently part of this sale – fool that I am, I believed the books when they told me that dolls don’t depreciate. Anyhoo, I hummed and haa’d over Lara for quite a while. I’d been a little bit interested in her when I first saw the collection, but she was never part of my game plan. I hate the idea of buying for the sake of it, I only want to buy what I truly like. This is one of my rules (I wrote a post about this in May). In the end, I did it – I can’t even remember how I justified it to myself. I spent the next few days until she arrived regretting it and telling myself off for falling prey to the dubious allure of a bargain.

When she arrived, I realised something – the photos I had seen of this doll hadn’t conveyed to me how lovely she is in the plastic. Maybe some dolls are just not photogenic – like people. Er, actually I don’t think I can accuse Lara of being unphotogenic … Maybe what other people like about her isn’t what I like about her, and that was why I didn’t like their pictures of her. Whatever – I got her, I loved her, I congratulated myself for being a canny and appropriate buyer etc etc. Poor old Lara – I’m sorry I doubted you, chuck

Basics Lara SculptBarbie basics 001 model 02Lara faced barbie basic doll

Lara from the basics range

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