Midge’s freckles

8 Aug

I love Midge. The Diva sculpt is so serene and dignified. She’s got mystery. What I really hate is the pinpoint freckles, which never reminded me of freckles so much as spots – I’ve always wondered what this beautiful doll would look like with real freckles. It was an ambitious project for my first ever go at doll painting and I wouldn’t call it a massive success, but I learned a lot about how impossibly tiny your brush strokes have to be and I’ll doubtless give it another go at some point …  I also added some highlights to the lips, lengthened the eyelashes and thickened the lash line and added some highlights around the eyes.


Midge with frecklesHandpainted freckles on MidgeHandpainted freckles on Midge


This poor doll has been a bit of a Frankenstein’s Monster for me, as I’ve also done my first boil perm on her. I got instructions on how to do this at http://www.ehow.com/how_6225919_restyle-barbie-doll_s-hair.html but there’s similar sets of instructions all over the web. Here’s a picture of her with her curlers in (before my handpainted freckles etc, but after I removed her original pinpoint freckles with nail polish remover):




Midge doll getting a boil perm


I’m generally really rubbish with hair and you can see that I left a lot of ends sticking out which didn’t curl and I had to trim away after removing the curlers.


Midge wears a Britney Spears doll top and a pair of handmade jeans from an eBay seller.





3 Responses to “Midge’s freckles”

  1. Bree August 18, 2011 at 3:03 am #

    Love her new look! As a freckled woman, I agree that Mattel’s version of “freckles” is pathetic.

    I permed a haircut Jewel Mermaid Diva sculpt and it was a mess. I used about half the “rollers” than you, but the bangs and sides got over-steamed and melted together. Whooooops! She’s been de-haired and is hiding in a baggie awaiting a repaint and reroot when I get courageous or rich.

  2. barbielea August 18, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

    Thanks very much! I’ve got some ideas about how to make the next freckles attempt better now …

    It was a bit scary doing the boil perm, I thought I’d done the same thing as you because when I poured the hot water on, the hair sort of wilted immediately. The instructions I had said to dip immediately afterwards in ice water, maybe this was what saved me from full-on melting. Next time, I think I would leave it in ringlets. Thanks for posting 🙂


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    […] few days, it seems that my very top click has been a picture of the first doll I ever painted on, Freckled Midge. I was a bit mortified by this, to be honest – what the hell were these people googling, […]

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