Basics model 14, Collection 2.5

15 Aug


barbie basics model 14 collection 2.5 - close upIn the immortal words of Julia Roberts, I was so excited about getting this doll I nearly pee’d my pants. OK, I exaggerate (slightly) for effect, but she’s a pivotal model muse, which is a great development of the Basics line. My main gripe about Basics so far has been the fact that, despite marketing them as an active kind of collector’s doll (see my June post “What’s So Good about So In Style” for a proper explanation of what I mean by this) Mattel made them on rigid bodies. They couldn’t even sit down – deeply naff – and I’m not the only one who thinks this. Many people on Flickr etc have rebodied the Basics models onto pivotal Fashionista bodies for photos. Mattel must have noticed this, and there’s also the competition to consider. Most manufacturers are making pivotal dolls these days, even Moxie (I love Moxie Teens, by the way).

I think cunning old Mattel has released these dolls in three varying skin tones in anticipation that some fanatics will buy more than one version of each so they can decapitate the spares and use them to rebody their other Basics models. I don’t think I’d go this far myself but it was a huge struggle for me not to get model 4 as well, although I have no interest in the model 8 from this collection, I don’t like her at all. In the end I got 14 first because of the evil glint in her eye and her black nail varnish (on her toes as well as her fingers) – she’s spooky.

I tried a few yoga poses to put her through her paces:

Basics Model 14 doing yoga pose "The Tree"

"The Tree"

Basics model 14 doing yoga pose "The Warrior"

"The Warrior"

Barbie basics style "downward facing dog"

"Downward facing dog"


As you can see, she coped reasonably well. However, due to her ridiculously long thighs, she could only manage a half lotus and a bit of a sloppy one, at that. Even so, I’m now expecting proper great things from Collection 3. I’ve still not found any spoilers yet though – let me know if you have!


3 Responses to “Basics model 14, Collection 2.5”

  1. Maria August 17, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    I saw a pic while I was looking for Ellowyne stuff (my new obsession!) and you were correct…its Beachwear! They have also said it will be the last in the basics line..Im assuming that it didnt take off like they hoped it would do..Collection 2.5 is cool but I think Matel is struggling with ‘iconic’ fashions and are losing their way a bit when you look at the clothes other makers are doing (Moxie Teens are fantastic I agree! LOVE the Monster High dolls too!) Compared to the BJD, Syberite and Tonner stuff Barbie seems a lot less edgy…which is a shame as there are some great face sculpts there still

  2. barbielea August 17, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

    Checked out the link thanks for that! If that’s really it, I’m disappointed already. I like the bags and are those hats I could see? But they seem to be back on rigid bodies again. Why??? Would they do that??? Argggh. And I had all sorts of cool ideas – I thought they might branch out a bit into furniture with pivotal dolls in beachwear, you know, sell them with loungers and sunchairs instead of a stand. I pictured monochrome and metallic bikinis too – much more classy. Well, I suppose I can still hold out a little hope that that’s a fake (it won’t be though:() or that there’s something great about this collection I’m not seeing. Great though they are, Moxiebeauties just doesn’t have the same ring to it …. Thanks for posting 🙂

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