Generation Girls – Nichelle

20 Aug

Generation Girl Nichelle in dungarees Generation Girl Nichelle Beautiful Generation Girl Nichelle


This is my second Generation Girl Nichelle (I featured the first in a post in July). I like her outfit a great deal, particularly her chunky yellow and black trainers. I know she’s an American doll so I’m probably way off the mark, but I’m reminded of how my friends used to dress in the late nineties, in a way which was inspired by the Manchester club scene – acid house smiley faces, tie dye, doc martens, converse, flares, dungarees, industrial inspired prints etc etc. However, because Nichelle is the aspiring model in the Generation Girls, I’m surprised that she wasn’t produced wearing something a bit sexier.

On the subject of Generation Girls, I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning and tidying of some new ones. I didn’t know whether to post this as I do like to present you with a fait accompli, but I thought this was quite a cute picture of them drying in the sun:


Generation Girls Barbie, Chelsie and Mari getting their hair done






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