Barbie and The Rockers – Dee Dee

22 Aug

Barbie and the Rockers Dee Dee - re-dressed Dee Dee, Barbie and the Rockers Barbie and the Rockers Dee Dee DollDee Dee Barbie close up

When I saw this doll, I instantly really wanted her – and I have no idea why. Her head and legs have faded and are different colours to her torso now. Her face (which uses the “spanish” mold) isn’t unappealing but it isn’t massively beautiful either. She’s missing a little paint from her bottom lip too, which doesn’t help. Her body can be “bopped” from side to side, which makes her arms jive, but as gimmicks go, its a bit lame. And she didn’t come with her original outfit (during a quick google search, I’ve found that this was surprisingly trendy – snakeskin print multi-colour leggings – very punk – and an oversize teeshirt that wouldn’t look out of place on the racks at Primark). Worst of all, from what I can gather this doll was the result of one of Mattel’s more unsavoury power struggles.

I don’t remember Barbie and the Rockers at all from my childhood, but I do remember Jem dolls quite vividly. I never had one, but I desperately wanted one – I thought they were super cool, with their punky multi-coloured hair and their glam-rock makeup and outfits. They were manufactured in the mid 80s by Hasbro and if Jem doll conspiracy theorists are to be believed, Mattel retaliated by crunching production on Barbie and the Rockers, getting them on the shelves in record time. As Jem isn’t around any more and Barbie is, one can only presume that ultimately, this was another bloody battle in which Mattel can be considered to have triumphed.

But this isn’t my poor old Dee Dee’s fault. Maybe it was the curly hair that swung me. I haven’t dared brush it through as I’ve had other dolls who have lost their curl through this kind of rough treatment, so its a bit matty but still not bad. And I do like the fact that unlike poor old Diva (Midge) from this line, her makeup isn’t completely bananas – she got off lightly, really. And I think she photographs quite well too. Just don’t ask her to dance …

Ps. DeeDee wears a My Scene tee shirt, a pair of handmade jeans by eBay seller Dabrowska, and Barbie Basics Collection 2 accessory pack baseball boots


2 Responses to “Barbie and The Rockers – Dee Dee”

  1. discodiva79 July 3, 2012 at 3:34 am #

    I am so excited to get this doll!!!!!!!!!!! Just won it on Ebay and I love the Spain head mold, orange eye shadow, pouty lips, and the Afro like hair-She will complete my rocker set all obtained from thrift stores.

    • barbielea July 3, 2012 at 9:15 am #

      Congratulations on your new doll! And it’s quite an achievement getting them all from thrift stores – it would never happen in my part of the UK, I’m not sure why but certainly in my area you never see dolls in charity shops (grumble grumble). Anyway, enjoy and thanks for sharing 🙂

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