DOTW – Sumatra

26 Aug

Barbie Dolls of theWorld - Indonesia


I do find Dolls of The World a bit suspect. For one thing, there’s those earlier dolls that look like they are wearing Vegas Showgirl versions of national outfits, which is just a bit naff. They can be unappealingly cutsey – I’m thinking of smiley Miss Germany in lederhosen with golden plaits, circa 1996. And, well, people just don’t go round wearing their national costume, do they? It a fine line Mattel walk with these dolls – its close to stereotyping, and this is only next door to racism.

Having said this, the modern ones are less cutesy, and their outfits are less barbiefied. This 2007 Indonesian DOTW has an incredible (Goddess) face and this is really why I got her. I’ve googled for Indonesian faces to make a comparison, and maybe she’s a little too light-skinned to be completely authentic, but I can see where they were coming from using this sculpt. I like her head-dress, and I’m not sure whether to remove it or not (its sewn on – so probably not). However, I think she’ll be a great doll to re-dress at some point. O dear, another project to add to the pile! Ho hum

Indonesian Barbie 2007Indonesian Sumatran dolls of the worldIndonesian doll of the world




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    […] just downright culturally insensitive, depending on how you see it). In fact, I recently sold my Sumatran DOTW because, although I thought she was very beautiful, her too-caucasian features really started to […]

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