Off Topic Doll 3 – My Scene Nolee

2 Sep

My Scene Nolee dollMy Scene Asian Nolee dollMy Scene Nolee doll

I got this My Scene Nolee in a job lot – she’s the only one I have. Note the belly button piercing, a nod to how common and acceptable this practice has become (I refer you again to my post about Generation Girl Tori, who was withdrawn from sale in the late nineties after the outcry about her thrice pierced ears).  I love Nolee’s colouring but the exaggerated features, especially the mouth, grate on me a little bit. This is my Barbie-centrity – of course, all Barbies are exaggerated and disproportionate, its just that Barbie in her classic form is exaggerated in a certain way I have learned to accept through seeing so many. Its how dolls have always been, ever since this old lady was made:-

stone age goddess icon


The stone age carver exaggerated the parts that he admired – the breasts, the sex organs, the huge belly and the thighs – and skipped over the parts he wasn’t quite so interested in – the arms, the feet, the face. All the features he exaggerated say something about her fertility, and she was probably a fertility/ Mother Goddess icon. The Barbie body also says a lot about fertility – her big boobs, the flat stomach indicating readiness to breed, the long, thick hair showing she has good health and high hormones, the curved hips ready for childbirth. Of course, Barbie wasn’t designed to honour fertility, she was designed as a plaything, a sort of focal point for dreaming about the future. For a little girl, these features are the markers of being a successful, beautiful grown up – Ruth Handler herself said “little girls dream about being bigger girls” or something like that.

My Nolee is designed to attract a modern generation of girls, so she’s a very contemporary take on what’s beautiful. This generation has shown lots of interest in cartoon-style dolls, like Bratz. Maybe in a time where realism is commonplace and easily achieved (in animation and computer games for instance) what appeals to little girls is a kind of hyper-realism -bigger and bigger eyes, fuller and fuller lips, tinier and tinier noses. I think that widespread use of cosmetic surgery by women in the public eye has influenced how these dolls look (and men – now I’ve thought about it I can’t get her similarity to Pete Burns out of my head). I also think its interesting that all the cartoon-style dolls have similar features, regardless of their racial background – Nolee is meant to be Japanese but she doesn’t look very Japanese to me. I suppose this is another reflection of a culture where the rich and famous have the resources available to change their faces, so the characteristics passed down from their ancestors are, to an extent, disposable.

Keeping, painting or selling?  She’s undoubtedly a nice doll, but I’m not sure if she’s to my taste, so I’ve not decided yet ….  In this pics Nolee wears Barbie playline hoodie and purple label Barbie skirt.







2 Responses to “Off Topic Doll 3 – My Scene Nolee”

  1. gracemodel November 16, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    So will u have plan to sell Nolee doll? ^__^ Please let me know if u do

    • barbielea November 16, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

      Aww sorry., she’s already gone to a new home … You know, I’ve been very surprised at the amount of hits I’ve got for this post. There must be more of you My Scene fans out there than I’d realised. 🙂

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