Generation Girl – Chelsie

4 Sep

Generation Girl ToriGeneration Girl Chelsie with Barbie Basics Accessory Pack itemsGeneration Girl Chelsie re-styled

Yes, I know that in my post about Generation Girl Tori, I slagged Chelsie off a treat. And now I’m featuring her. I thought about it, and there are some reasons I don’t like her, but there are also some reasons I do. On the minus side, she has orange eyebrows – this is deeply wrong. They even clash with her hair. Secondly, her finishing touches aren’t as nice as some of the other dolls from this range – eg. I think the red lipstick was a mistake and her fingers aren’t separated. Thirdly, the fringe. Curly red hair – OK. Long curly red hair with a fringe – no. It makes her look like a ginger sheep.

On the plus side – amazing, unusual hair and tons of it. Lovely face sculpt, which she shares with Tori. I got Chelsie without an original outfit and I don’t mind – the purple dress she should have been wearing only accentuated the clash of orange eyebrows and auburn hair – but she re-dresses well. I went for a sort of rock look, and am now a little bit reminded of the women from Heart (remember them?).

Chelsie wears Basics collection 2 accessory pack jacket, sunglasses, shoes, bag and bangle, a teeshirt bought from an eBay seller based in Hong Kong, and a vintage suede pencil skirt.


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