So In Style Part 5(b) – Smarty Pants

11 Sep

So In Style in vintage and home-made fashionBarbie Kara and Trichelle restyledBarbie Grace and Kara restyledSo In Style re-styledKara and Chandra re-styledTrichelle restyledGrace re-styled


Hi …. sorry for the big pause, a general feeling of unwellness blossomed into a really hideous tooth infection so for once, I’ve not had Barbies on the brain for the last week or so. However, I am now antibiotic-ed up to the gills, so I’ve actually finished a project I’ve been planning for a while. The So In Style crew wear some vintage Barbie trousers in these pictures and to tie it at all together, I’ve made four tops from the same black satin material. I love the way this stuff looks, but its not easy to work with – it starts to fray as soon as you cut it so you have to work quick and leave yourself a good-size seam allowance, its also not stretchy at all so there’s no room for error (I get round this by actually sewing it on the doll as far as I can, rather than relying the accuracy of my measurements). I only used a pattern (from Simplicity 4702) for Kara’s top, the others I sort of made up as I went along. I will include some instructions about how I made them at some point in the coming week.




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