Barbie Basics Collection 1 Model 1

15 Sep

Barbie Basics model 1Barbie Basics Mackie faced model 1Barbie Basics collection 001 model 01

I bought this Model 01 right at the start of my return to collecting, earlier this year. I haven’t featured her til now because I have a particular outfit planned for her, but as I still haven’t altered any patterns to fit the model muse body and I have a lot of other projects to attend to, I might end up waiting forever if I wait any longer. If I get round to making this outfit, I will re-post about her.

I bought her because I was drawn by her vague sixties vibe – she reminded me a little of Brigitte Bardot. Of course when I got her, I realised that she is far too skinny to be a good Bardot. This was my first model muse and to be honest, I found her thinness a little bit unnerving. I mean, was there a need for a thinner Barbie? Its not like the standard Barbie body is cuddly in the first place.

There are loads of reasons why I shouldn’t like her. The Mackie face is gorgeous, but I sometimes think its a bit too gorgeous (if you know what I mean) and I also think its been overused, so its never been one of my favourites. I think Midge, Lea and Louboutin have more character. Model 01 is also a platinum blonde and I’ve always preferred brunette dolls. And both her arms are bent, which makes her hard to pose.

But. Her face paint is great. Maybe because she’s the first doll in the line, it seems to me that a special effort has been made to get her face just right, and to make it as striking as possible. Not all of the Basics dolls have been bob on, but this one – I really think so. Also, the the first of the first has to set the standard. My rules (which I posted in May) warn me to beware of collecting for any other reason than liking that particular doll, so I’m a little wary of liking her because she’s the first, but the platinum hair IS Barbie, isn’t it? It is what people think of when they think of a Barbie doll, one of her main distinguishing features. And the Mackie face is a classic collector sculpt. I don’t see how they could have done anything else with the first doll of the line.

From what I can tell (I don’t have access to Mattel’s statistics obviously, but from looking at what’s on sale cheap and what’s hard to get hold of now) she hasn’t done terribly in terms of sales, but I don’t think she’s done great either. But I like her, and I’m pleased to have her in my collection.


PS. We found the 1990s Barbie sofa and armchair in the loft recently – I thought I’d make good use of them while I have them as they have gone up on eBay.


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