Lea Retrospective

30 Sep

Ten Lea/ Kayla faced barbies in handmade clothes


Ok, its been quite a while. I’ve missed updating but my reasons for leaving it so long have been this … in a fit of whimsy, at the start of my blog I started numbering the Lea/ Kayla faced dolls I featured. Then I got it into my head that every so often, I should have a recap, and to tie it together I should make all the outfits for the group photo. It seemed like a good idea, and I stopped featuring Leas when I reached ten, thinking I’d do the recap post before posting any more. Well, it got to six weeks after my last Lea post, I had a big backlog of Leas I couldn’t feature because I hadn’t got the outfits for the recap post done, and eventually I decided enough was enough. I banned myself from posting until I had made the outfits and done the photos.

I’ve dragged my heels a bit over the last week, but I’m surprised to have found that it didn’t bore me, which I thought it would do. I’ve learned a lot through doing this project. I haven’t started using the sewing machine, but I’ve got my hand-sewing speed up and I feel much more confident making clothes now. I’ve also learned how to make doll’s clothes without a pattern and I find it easier and more enjoyable – I also think the clothes fit and look better. I’ll write a post about it at some point. The only items of clothing above that I used a pattern for were the shorts, and they weren’t even supposed to be shorts – they were supposed to be knickers.

Anyway, from the above photo the featured dolls are as follows:

(Standing, back row, left to right) – Lea 4, Fashion Fever/ Lea 3, Hard Rock 2007/ Lea 5, Secret Spells Kayla/ Lea 9, Fashion Fever

(Sitting, on chaise long) – Lea 10, Magical Mermaid/ Lea 7, Basics Collection 2

(Sitting, on platform) – Lea 8, Fashion Fever/ Lea 6, Mermaid Fantasy Kayla (rebodied)

(Sitting, front row) – Lea 1, Cali Girl Horserider, Lea 2, as yet unidentified (annoyingly)

I have featured three other Lea-faced dolls in the course of this blog and in the name of anal retentiveness, I hereby christen them Leas 11, 12 and 13. I will feature them in my next Lea retrospective.

Lea/ Kayla dolls in handmade white dressesFashion Fever Kayla in handmade white dressTwo Kayla dolls in handmade shorts and teeshirtsLeft to right - Magical Mermaid Kayla, Fashion Fever Kayla, Mermaid Fantasy KaylaCali Girl Lea in handmade dressMagical Mermaid Kayla and Mermaid Fantasy Kayla in handmade clothesSecret Spells Kayla in handmade dress




2 Responses to “Lea Retrospective”

  1. bat6660 October 5, 2011 at 12:39 pm #

    The amount of work you have put into the outfits is a credit to your patience. A fantastic job. Well done.

  2. barbielea October 8, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Thanks so much xxx

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