Skater Tori

9 Oct

barbie toriGeneration Girl Toribarbie tori

This is a nice little skater Tori. Her baggy jeans (with underpants showing at waistband!) are brilliant and I like her eyes with the lilac undertones – its just a shame that her eyebrows are verging on ginger and the painting is a little simple compared to the Dance Party version. I got her loose but I’d love a boxed or at least a complete version, as she came with great accessories (record bag, skateboard, inline skates, change of clothes, magazines).

Tori must have been a hit when she was released as she is definitely the easiest Generation Girl to pick up second hand. In an earlier post about Tori, I said that the version of this doll with three earrings in the left ear is rare, as it was withdrawn from sale due to complaints from Mums (I’d read this somewhere). Well, I’ve now come to the conclusion that I am either very lucky or more likely, this is a myth. I now have five Toris (three to keep as is and two for future doll challenges) and four of them have three earrings in the left ear, including this one.

On the subject of misinformation, I’ve often read that the hardest doll from the Generation Girl range to get hold of is Mari, or Mariko. I have the Dance Party and My Room versions of this doll, and I’ve seen her for sale lots of times, so I don’t think this is right either. I’ve not often seen the Dance Party doll for sale with her original outfit, true, but the My Room version (supposedly ultra-rare) was relatively easy to get hold of and I’ve seen her four or five times since then, dressed and sometimes boxed too.

As Generation Girl Barbie uses the same face as lots of other dolls (Cali Girls, for instance), its hard to say whether she is common or rare, as I don’t know if I would recognise her out of her original clothes. However, I haven’t seen Generation Girl Barbie in her original clothes anything like as often as you might expect – she’s certainly not as common as Tori.

The one that’s giving me the screaming horrors is Lara. I’ve seen this doll twice on eBay, nude and unnamed, and both times she’s gone for a lot more than unboxed, second hand modern dolls generally attract (£15 to £20, but from the way people were bidding I suspect that it could easily have gone higher). I suppose this is because she was the original Lara – her sculpt then went on to be commonly used on collector dolls. Well, its nice to have something to aim for, I suppose. And in the meantime, there’s always (lots of) Tori.


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