Lea 14 – Dancing Princess Blair

12 Oct

Dancing Princess Blair - Lea/ Kayla Face Sculpt


Oh, its good to be getting on with some Lea posts. It seems that every time I get a new Lea, I think she’s the best one I’ve got – it was certainly the case with this one. Her beautifully shaped violet eyes and pale skin are quite unusual in a Lea doll, but just right. If you’re a collector and you think of the word “doll”, surely you must picture something like this?

Dancing Princess Lea is gorgeous and quite rare – identified as a Lea Sculpt and loose, she can easily make three times as much as other single loose dolls, and boxed, she often attracts collector level doll prices. The problem isn’t so much buying, its finding – and if you do find on eBay or any auction site where lots of collectors watch, expect a bit of a battle usually. Fortunately for me, this doll was only identified as a ballet doll and she wasn’t wearing her original outfit, so I didn’t have to fight it out. She is featured wearing a dress by eBay seller djsnc, which is a similar colour to (but nicer than) her original.

She was produced in 2006 and there’s an animated film (which I’ve not seen) about her sisters. I’ve just googled her and it seems I’ve got in wrong in my photos. Apparently, all the Dancing Princess dolls have a flower and a gem allocated to them – Genevieve (Blair’s sister with the Barbie Generation Girl face) has the pink rose, Blair’s flower is larkspur.

Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses Blair Dancing princess Blair Lea/ Kayla face sculptBallet Lea/ Kayla doll Blair


PS. Hideous tooth infection was followed by chest infection, which now seems to have been followed by a big dollop of the flu. I’ve not forgotten the doll challenges and the clothes making instructions I promised in earlier posts, and I will get there eventually.





4 Responses to “Lea 14 – Dancing Princess Blair”

  1. Maria October 12, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    Eeek! everyone seems to be ill! I hope you’re feeling a bit better now? I find a good doll hair brushing very theraputic!

    Shes a beauty isnt she? I must admit Ive moved more towards the 16″ dolls now but I do still love a pretty Lea!

  2. barbielea October 12, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    Feeling better than last night thanks! Got halfway into doing this blog post and really regretted starting, but I’ve been remiss recently so I saw it through. Have you updated recently? Will go and check …

    Glad you like her -call back now and again Maria, I’ve got some cracking Leas yet to come! 🙂


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