Dancing Princesses Isla and Hadley

21 Oct

Barbie Dancing Princesses Isla and Hadley


Earlier this month, I posted pics of Dancing Princess Blair, who has a beautiful Lea face. Here are some pics of her little sisters, Isla and Hadley. These dolls are about the same size as Skipper and the Hannah Montana/ HSM dolls, but their little legs, which have moulded on shoes and are fixed in a “ballet” position, seem much thinner. They are featured in their original outfits, which are purple and turquoise. As far as I know, they are the only dolls ever produced with this sculpt.

Although they are OK the way they are, they are maybe a little bit, er, frilly for my taste. I’ve taken these photos now as I kind of have plans for a Halloween-over (a tasteful one, of course). From next week, we’ll be doing a few Halloween- themed posts, so if you’re fond of spooky, please feel free to drop by 🙂

Isla and Hadley do ballet  Isla and Hadley ballet dancing princessesIsla and Hadley 12 Dancing Princesses little sisteresIsla and Hadley, dancing princesses




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