Halloween Special – Secret Spells Girls

27 Oct

Secret Spells/ Charm Girls Barbie and Kayla Secret Spells/ Charm Girls BarbieSecret Spells Witch Barbies

I couldn’t let Halloween pass by without featuring the Secret Spells girls. This range was Mattel’s ill-judged attempt to cash in on the popularity of Buffy and Charmed – I say ill-judged because in certain circles, anti-witchcraft feeling still runs high. Still, its an ill wind because the lovely redheaded Kayla must be one of the most beautiful playline dolls Mattel have ever produced. Secret Spells Barbie is a little insipid-looking, presumably designed super-sweet to make sure we understand that she doesn’t mess with the dark side – Secret Spells girls (also known as Charm Girls) “only use their powers for good”. Mattel, you protest too much.

Props: The coloured flame candles in this shoot are called Angel Flames, and they are produced for the top of birthday cakes. The cauldron, the bottles and er, the dragonfly (?) are all Secret Spells Barbie’s spell-making equipment.




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  1. Million Dollar CAMS – Season of the Witch « barbiebeauties - October 11, 2012

    […] Fake spiderweb seems to featuring quite heavily in everyone’s decorative plans this year – our office is already draped in it – and it makes an interesting prop for spooky doll pictures. Anyway, when it comes to Witch I am kind of surprised that a manufacturer of children’s toys has seen fit to include two particular features. Firstly, the mole – of course, these are linked to witches because it was thought that they used them to suckle their familiars. This is quite dark, isn’t it? Secondly, there’s the fact that one of her hands is curled into a scrying circle, so that she can see things from afar using magic. Wow. Even I am starting to wonder if Mattel really does have some sort of link with the Dark Forces (an allegation that was made by some Christian groups after the release of Charm Girls). […]

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