Off Topic Doll 7 – Moxie Teen Tristen

12 Nov

Moxie Teen TristenMoxie Teen Tristen close upMoxie Teen Tristen

Yes, I know there’s been a heavy proportion of OTDs featured just recently. Don’t worry, my heart still belongs to Barbie. I just thought you might be interested to see how long my vow to swear off buying dolls lasted – not 24 hours from declaration.

Allow me to justify myself. Whilst on a food shopping trip to B&M (for any non-Brits, this is a well-known English discount store) I spotted some Moxie Teens for – get this – £15.00. I’ve been considering buying one for months now, and haven’t been able to find any at less than £23 – usually about £27 and sometimes going up to about £45. £15.00! And one Tristen left (who has always been my preferred doll from this range). How could I not? The big problem for me was actually leaving the shop without buying the rest as well. Discount stores, how I love you.

Allow me to further justify myself. You might remember I said that I sometimes promise myself that I will offset the cost by selling some of my collection, then “forget” to do it. Well, I’m really going to, this time – I’ve sorted the stuff out and there’s hopefully a bit more than £15 worth too, including the lovely chair that Tristen is reclining on in these pics.

Moxie Teens (or Teenz, as they are sometimes known) are fully articulated and they have beautiful, lifelike inset eyes, like Liv. In fact, they look more like Liv Teens than Moxie Teens, but never mind. They are wigged dolls and you can purchase separate wigs for them, apparently. I’ve never seen any on sale, though. Tristen is the most gothic of the MTs, and has amazing lilac and brown eyes and long black hair. You know, when I have bought off-topic dolls, I have often been just a little disappointed. Not with Tristen. Her clothes are nice quality, her eyes are gorgeous, her articulation is great. Her face is just far enough left of cartoony, and very pretty. If I get my way, she won’t be the last MT I buy. If you are looking for a present for a girl-child this Christmas, I highly recommend you get down to B&M for one of these, and if you are a UK collector and you let this opportunity pass you by, don’t say I didn’t tell you so 🙂

Moxie Teen packaging picture TristenMoxie Teen Packaging picture Bijou and Melrose


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