Lea 16 – Girls Aloud Kim Marsh

14 Nov

Girls Aloud Kim MarshGirls Aloud Kim Marsh BarbieGirls Aloud Kim Marsh

She’s a Lea – a CELEBRITY Lea. This makes her very special, regardless of the predictable facts e.g. she doesn’t look much like Kim Marsh, then or now. As well as the unusual caucasian Lea face, this doll also comes with a fabulous, country-hippy outfit. I remember hesitating for ages between her and the Girls Aloud “Investment Buy” doll that I ended up taking home (I was in denial about my doll fixation at the time or I would have found a way to buy the lot, see my first post ever back in May for details). So, its extra nice to finally have Kim in my collection.

Unsurprisingly, the Cheryl Cole doll attracts the most money from this range, going for three or four times the price of the others. Still tubed, she’s going for silly money. The strange thing is that photographed from the right angle, this doll does actually look like Cheryl Cole. I wouldn’t describe myself as a Girls Aloud fan, but these dolls are great and if I can get hold of more, I certainly will.

ADDITIONAL: The more I look at these photos, the more this doll reminds me of a Julian Opie painting …


2 Responses to “Lea 16 – Girls Aloud Kim Marsh”


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