Where do you keep them?

16 Nov

Right, if you’re a small child, you can keep them pretty much anywhere you feel like keeping them – on your bed, in your bag, in a room-dominating Dream House, wherever. The first time round, when I was a teenage collector, I kept them on the bookshelf. I thought they were nice to look at so this seemed the most suitable place to put them, although I found it rather irritating when visitors rearranged them into sexually provocative poses, which happened all the time. But I didn’t have anything like the numbers of dolls I have now.

Whenever I read blogs or articles by collectors, I wonder where and how they store them. On eBay, I once saw an entire collection up for sale. Because there were so many, the photographer had just basically photographed the room they were in. There was a huge unit full of shelves rammed with dolls three or four rows deep, and coffee tables full of boxed dolls. I’m not judging as I’m a big believer in pandering to your obsessions, but this option isn’t for me. Even if I lived on my own and didn’t have to consider whether or not the other members of my household wanted to spend their lives as the focus for hundreds of tiny painted-on eyes, I still don’t think it would be for me. I love dolls but houses are machines for living in, and its just not practical. If I won the lottery, I would have a Doll Room lined with custom-made cupboards but I admit the odds of this ever happening are remote, especially because I don’t actually play the lottery. Generally, dolls on display are going to get dusty, and if they’re in the sunlight, they’re going to fade – this happens surprisingly quickly.

Things developed thus. When I had five, six, seven dolls, they were displayed on their stands on top of the shelves in the bedroom. Boyf was fine with this but did suggest that they might fade. Things quickly moved beyond that point, though. Dolls appeared in various locations around the house in bags and boxes, and when we got to the point where they were spilling over to the kitchen table, boyf, quite justifiably, made it clear that this wasn’t on any more. He then brought home some plastic drawers, which we put up in the kitchen. Tonight, he got me even more drawers and now the doll storage area looks like this:


(note handy cat perch on top – two birds with one stone). I might actually be able to fit my collection in this, and I really like this idea. Its such a pain trying to remember which box/ bag/ wardrobe I have put a given doll in. If you collect, I would like to hear from you about your storage solution ….


3 Responses to “Where do you keep them?”

  1. bat6660 November 17, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    Hooray! I now have the dining table back xxx

  2. Taswegian1957 November 25, 2013 at 9:54 am #

    I do have a doll room as we have a three bedroom house for two of us but doll storage/display is a work in progress as the room also has to accomodate my larger dolls, my scrapbooking supplies and craft stuff. Hubby put some shelves up for me where I display my vintgage Barbies, Sindy’s and a few selected fashion dolls. Last Christmas he bought me a Barbie sized dollshouse and the Tammy’s and Tressy’s now live there. However most of the Barbies reside in plastic crates as do their clothes. I would love to have custom shelves (like Elfa) to give me more floor space. Well maybe one day!

    • barbielea November 25, 2013 at 10:15 am #

      Lucky you πŸ™‚ maybe one day I will get a doll room too, although i suspect that even if I did, my ladies would have to share with Mr Bat’s extensive Batman collection. I’m sure the girls wouldn’t mind that, though, as I’m a bit short on Kens anyway πŸ™‚

      Since these pictures were taken my collection has grown considerably, the cat basket has been replaced with another set of drawers that reach nearly to the ceiling … And I’m still struggling for space! I keep saying I’m going to cull my collection but I never do :-/

      Thanks for sharing, Taswegian πŸ™‚

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