Basics Collection 1 Model 12

20 Nov

Sadly, this is the last Basic I have to show you, until further notice. I’d like more but, as discussed in earlier posts, I have banned myself from making purchases at least until after Christmas. I love photographing these dolls – its super-easy to get a good shot, a lazy and enjoyable post for me.

Barbie Basics collection one model 12 - TangoBarbie basics collection one model 12 - Tango

I saw a great OOAK of this doll a little while ago – she had been made into a pretty convincing Jennifer Aniston. As I think you can see in these photos, she bears a passing resemblance even before painting.

I started off with a definite game plan about these lines, but I’m not sure now. Take Tango, Model 12. When I first saw her, I thought she was unremarkable and she really wasn’t part of my plan. Actually, I thought she looked a little lantern-jawed. I got her pretty cheap – there was a time there when eBay sellers were getting rid of them for bargain-basement prices (by UK market standards, that is, which is – sigh – still a lot more than American prices). And when I got her, I completely loved her tigerish good looks. So maybe there isn’t such a thing as a bad Basic. Maybe, actually, I should just be aspiring to buy the lot ….

Barbie basic collection one model 12

Barbie basics collection one model 12 - Tango


One Response to “Basics Collection 1 Model 12”

  1. Taswegian1957 November 25, 2013 at 9:41 am #

    I have this one too and yes, I call her Jennifer. I wasn’t sure if the resemblance was deliberate or not.

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