So In Style Part Six – Pastry Wave Two Kara

23 Nov

So In Style Kara Pastry Wave TwoSIS Pastry Kara So In Style Kara close upSo In Style Kara dollSIS Kara


I thought that surely Trichelle would get the best outfit in Wave 2 Pastry, because she always gets the good clothes. If not, I thought it might go to Chandra, as apparently she’s not going to be in future collections. But I think it was Kara who got the best look this time. I haven’t gone all out for this collection, because I really don’t think its as good as the previous ones, but I did like this Kara, so I’ve started with her …

At the time that this collection was released, I managed to glean two bits of news about future collections – I hope I’m getting this right, because I can’t find the thread I originally read it on.

1. In future, Chandra is going to be replaced by a Hispanic character, who will have the Lara face

2. Tennis outfits next year! Venus and Serena, eat your heart out, I reckon …


One Response to “So In Style Part Six – Pastry Wave Two Kara”

  1. bat6660 November 24, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

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