A good day to go Platinum

26 Nov

Barbie Diva Gone PlatinumIts been a good day for a lot of things, actually. I managed to start an OOAK I’ve been planning for a while (which I can’t post about until after Christmas, because its a present). I’m reasonably pleased with it and I really enjoyed doing it. Drawback – I did it in electric light, so when the sun comes up tomorrow I  might realise its complete crap.

I’ve also noticed that I am nearing – as in, ten away from – 10,000 all-time views of this blog. Yes, I know collecting dolls is a popular hobby, but I’ve been putting it in perspective in the following manner. I’ve done a little internet research and apparently in my lifetime so far, I’ve probably met about 40,000 people as a generous estimate (thanks WordPress Blog Golden Ripples, you were the only internet source who seemed to have anything sensible to say on the matter).  Er, I’ll leave you to do the rather obvious maths. I suppose lots of these hits will be what I do to other sources, e.g. google for a picture of a doll I’m researching, think “yes, that’s it”, move on. And a great big proportion are also likely to be the boyf 🙂 bless. He gets terribly upset when nobody comments, I try telling him I don’t really mind. I don’t! I do this mostly as a collecting diary/ photo album for myself, and its nice when I get some feedback but I never think about giving up when I don’t get it.

Anyhoo, about the doll. The lady in this picture is just as easy and pleasant to photograph as the Basics range is. She’s “Diva – Gone Platinum”, she dates from 2001 and she comes from a completely delicious range of dolls. There still seems to be high demand for Divas on the second-hand market, whether loose or boxed, and it was only after quite a while of trying that I managed to score one. There’s something wonderfully tabloid about these dolls. I have read plenty of criticisms of their tackiness, but its so beautifully done that I don’t understand how you can fail to fall for it. I thought this was a pretty good picture, by the way, but then I saw some of the pictures of this doll on Flickr … I did intend to save her for New Year, but I’ve decided to post her today in homage to my good mood.


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