Lea 17 – The Original Cali Girl Lea

28 Nov

Just about time to fit another Lea post in before Christmas. Due to my tardiness with featuring them and my doubts about whether I could manage to get the outfits sewn during the festive period, I won’t be having a Christmas Lea retrospective. However, Royal Mail allowing, there will be a very lovely Christmas Lea post, which I am quite excited about (yes, I broke my no dolls before Christmas rule again, what you gonna do about it, eh?). This Lea is particularly welcome, as I haven’t featured a Cali Girl for quite some time. This certainly isn’t because I’ve gone off them. Its not even because I haven’t got any to feature, its just that the ones I do have are project dolls that need work and I haven’t got round to it.

Cali Girl Lea BarbieCali Girl Lea Cali Girl Lea Close Up

I don’t know what it is about this Lea. I’ve had a good stare at her in comparison to the other Leas in my collection, and at first I thought they may have made some changes to the head mold. On reflection, I think this is unlikely as I don’t see why they would go to the trouble of doing this just for one doll, but she still looks more snub-nosed than other Leas to me. This isn’t a criticism at all, I like her unusual face. Her almond brown eyes and little pursed mouth remind me of Francie, a vintage Barbie friend who I have a thing about at the moment.

As you can see, I left her wrist tag on. I removed them from some of my earlier deboxed dolls, and I regret it now as I think the wrist tags are a nice retro touch. I’m also loving this doll’s hippy-pirate chic – she got there well before Johnny Depp. Actually, I do think she might look fantastic with dreadlocks and I might do it if I can find another version of her. There don’t seem to be as many as you might expect, given the prevalence of the red-shorted Barbie who was in the same wave, so if you see her I suggest you snaffle her up quick.


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