Christmas Special – Makeup Chic Barbie Wishes You a Very Blue December

1 Dec

Fashion Fever Makeup Chic Barbie

This is the first of my series of posts leading up to Christmas, and it is also my 100th post! There are a whole wealth of Christmas Barbies, but I never had much time for the whole red-and-green candy-stripes and fur-trimming sort of vibe. Therefore, the theme for my December posts is blue, which is far more classy.

This has been easy enough to prepare for; of course, pink is the premium Barbie colour, but there’s also a whole tradition of blue-themed dolls and I’ve been squirrelling some of my favourites away for quite a few months now. I’ve had to review my rules regularly whilst collecting for this theme. There are loads of Snowflakey, Ice Queen-ish collector Barbies and I’ve considered most of them. However, I’ve made myself stick to my principles, and I have only bought if the doll in question is something that I would seriously want in my collection anyway, theme or no theme. I’ve also got some already featured dolls who are going to be making a reappearance and some hand-sewn outfits too.

Anyway, lovely Makeup Chic Barbie was produced in 2006. She does have a bit of a balloon head but I don’t mind that. The big appeal of this doll is really her rooted eyelashes and her better quality than usual outfit. She also was sold with some lovely Barbie-size makeup items, which sadly I didn’t get with my version who I purchased loose. I’ve photoed her enjoying some Champagne and waiting for the party to start 🙂


Fashion Fever Makeup Chic Barbie drinking Champagne



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