Christmas Special – Cali Girl Barbie in Blue

2 Dec

While I was planning a series of blue-themed Christmas posts, I noticed the blue California Dress from the “Discover the World With Barbie” (monthly magazine released with themed fashion). I thought this was a nice little link-in, so I decided to get one for my Cali Girl’s festive outfit. However, when it arrived, it seemed hopeless. As you may know, I’m not keen on dolls who are dressed like Doulton China figurines, and you couldn’t get more china figurine than the DTW California outfit. I ditched the gloves, the ornamental parasol, the big picture hat and the long, lacy, gauzy jacket. However, even stripped back, this dress didn’t cut the mustard.

I considered it for a while. The dress is made of cheap nylon trimmed with cheap lace. It bags where it should cling. It has a big, over-the-top train. Hopeless. Then I thought, what would a real California girl do – what would Nicole Richie do? Or more importantly, what would Rachel Zoe, the stylist behind Richie’s California boho look, do if she was dressing one of her starlets for a winter premiere and this is what she had to work with? Would Rachel Zoe give up, send the starlet home and chuck the bloody hideous thing away? Or would she drown it in jewellery, add a vintage brocade fur-trimmed jacket, a woven belt and a pair of hippie shades, then top it with a can’t-be-bothered twisted-up ponytail that says “hey. I just woke up looking like this”? Goddamn it, it was worth a try.

Cali Girl So Excellent Earrings in California dressCali Girl Barbie in Discover the World with Barbie California DressCali Girl Barbie gets pappedCali Girl Barbie - So Excellent Earrings

PS. I don’t really think I’m Rachel Zoe, but I’ve done my best with this rather unpleasant dress, and I don’t think its turned out too bad. Barbie wears her own earrings and necklace plus two handmade bead strings. The jacket is vintage Barbie, not sure exactly where from. She wears Basics Accessory Pack bangle and shoes and her other bangles were stolen from the So In Style crew. Her shades belong to first wave Cali Girl Christie. I made her belt out of some black elastic, a necklace fastener from a jewellery supply shop, and some more beads (and it was a proper pain in the arse to do).


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