Christmas Special – Cloud Queen Rayla

9 Dec

So far, we’ve had a very high proportion of princess dresses, and that’s not really changing tonight. In fact, we have gone all magical-mystical too. Generally I disapprove of this, but it IS Christmas, after all (how’s that for a random justification? I feel I should be allowed to make random justifications this month because after all, it IS Christmas).

Cloud Queen Rayla Cloud Queen Rayla

Cloud Queen RaylaCloud Queen Rayla

Cloud Queen Rayla uses the teen Skipper face sculpt, which reminds me of the ever popular Lara face. I’m informed that she’s a character from the film “The Magic of Pegasus”, which I’ve never seen. I tried reading a plot synopsis and it all sounds very fanciful and magical to me. This doll’s eyes relay this – like many 80s and 90s barbies, and a lot of the mystical-magical crew, she is literally starry-eyed – she has little stars reflected in her pupils. For some reason, this used to irritate me no end, but recently I’ve started to find it quite endearing. Once or twice, I’ve also seen the most amazing Cloud Palace playset, which is so magical-mystical I think it actually overshoots the mark and ends up a great piece of high camp. This is the sort of place Elton John can only dream about.

This particular Cloud Queen was a second-hand buy and I thought she would be easy as pie to fix up – a little brush of the hair, bingo. However, be warned – this is one of those dolls that can still look pretty good even with hair that is matted to a ridiculous degree. I’ve never had to cut a doll’s hair to remove knots before Cloud Queen Rayla. She is fun to photograph (as is her little pegasus horse) and very lovely – although I do wish she was less orange of skin.

ADDITIONAL: I stand corrected (by the knowledgable Andrea in the comments on this post). Heh, there’s a reason she reminded me of a Lara – its because she IS one, not a teen Skipper at all … sorry …


3 Responses to “Christmas Special – Cloud Queen Rayla”

  1. Bat6660 December 9, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    Of all the dolls you have featured I believe this one to be the least attractive, the more I look at the features the less i like them.I think the doll actually looks like Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” which is scary enough in itself. Maybe later on she actually boils the unicorn ?

    • barbielea December 9, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

      Ha ha! Yes she does bear a resemblance to Glenn Cllose but personally I don’t think that makes her ugly … Although, looking back on these photos I’m becoming increasingly distressed by her baked bean colouring. Some of my favourite dolls are black or mixed race and I don’t think she looks like she is – just like she has a bad case of jaundice, or possibly St Tropez … thanks for your comment, made me laugh 🙂


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    […] December last year, I featured Cloud Queen Rayla, but I don`t think it turned out well. In fact, I think it was one of the worst posts I have ever […]

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