Christmas Special – Generation Girl Dance Party Barbie

11 Dec

Generation Girl Dance Party BarbieGeneration Girl Dance Party BarbieGeneration Girl Dance Party BarbieThe course of photographing your doll collection at Christmas never runs smooth. I had a clear run at it last night – doll prepared, props ready, all that. I took three sets of photos and still didn’t end up publishing. These are slightly better, but in the winter, light is a big problem. There’s only a couple of rooms in the house that are bright enough and even in these, the winter pictures seem to come out yellower and grainier.

Anyhoo, this is Generation Girl Dance Party Barbie. From the reading I have done, I have found out that this Barbie is meant to be fifteen, and I find this kind of hard to reconcile with the trashy stripper style outfit (which, by the way, I’m having another “is it blue or is it green?” moment about). But then again the Generation Girl line, like the Cali Girl line, panders to the dreams young girls have about growing up, e.g. “when I’m fifteen, I’m going to wear whatever I want and Mum won’t be able to stop me, Goddammit”. In the Generation Girls books, Barbie lives with her Parents’ friends, who are avuncular, friendly and don’t ever say “there’s no WAY you’re going out dressed like that, young lady”.

I’ve done a fair bit of restoration on her but her hair is thinning and has a lot of breaks. She also has a little pen mark still faintly visible on her trousers, which I suppose I should have worked harder to disguise. She’s interesting because she’s quite easily identifiable for a blonde Barbie, as the  glitter on her upper chest is actually painted onto the doll rather than being part of her top.


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