Christmas Special – Angel Princess Barbie

22 Dec

Angel Princess Barbie

For my Christmas angel, I could have chosen a really classy Barbie. I stalked plenty of Couture Angel barbies on eBay, I considered the Angel of Peace. In the end, during a period of craving for 1990s, candy-floss haired Barbies, I settled on Angel Princess Barbie from 1996. This doll is a great example of over-egging the pudding, then pouring syrup and whipped cream over the whole thing. Apparently, she represents a Princess who is having a dream about being an angel, or something along those lines. I don’t really understand, but I’m not in the mood for 1990s Barbie bashing tonight … she’s extravagant, slightly dusty and missing her shoes. Love her.

ADDITIONAL: In “Barbie’s Queer Accessories” (see my Reading post in September) Erica Rand points out an interesting thing about the “Barbie having a dream” scenario. It allows Barbie infinite possibilities and roles without making her grow up or flatly contradicting “Barbie with a life” range (Barbie is a teenager from Midwest America). For example, a “Dream Bride” is just Barbie dreaming about what her wedding dress might look like, so Mattel can sell the very popular gown, veil, cake, wedding arch etc, without having to speculate that a wedding night must follow, and maybe even – shock! – Barbie as a Mother! As Goldie Hawn’s onscreen Mother points out in “Overboard”, “Darling, if you HAVE a baby, you won’t BE the baby any more!” But I digress (another day, another post). Angel Princess is particularly interesting because she is meta-infinite – a princess (infinite fantasy) having a dream about being an angel (another infinite fantasy on top). Mind-blowing …


2 Responses to “Christmas Special – Angel Princess Barbie”

  1. Bat6660 December 22, 2011 at 12:39 am #

    I love the passion and the time you put into your blogs without really having any passion about the barbie dolls or history you so meticoulously read and study up on. This is just a comment saying that the passion you show comes through and I find myself looking forward to each photo shoot and article you publish. long may you continue.
    Happy Christmas love xxx

  2. barbielea December 22, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

    Happy Christmas to you too, my darling xxx

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