Fifth Day Of Christmas – May

30 Dec

In May 2011, I –

* Realised that going on about dolls to people who weren`t at all interested wasn`t socially acceptable. Started to write a blog about it so I could inflict my opinions on the whole world.

* Got my first Lea doll, who is still really my favourite. I still have two versions of this doll. I`ve set out to sell my duplicate loads of times, and I just can`t bring myself to do it.

Cali girl Lea 1

* Refused to move this Trichelle from the kitchen table:

*Fought hard on eBay for this Blaine:

* Fought harder on eBay for this Mariko – and developed a mighty interest in the Generation Girl range as a result:

* Lost a Pearly Princess and gained a Versace Versus:

* Started to think that taking photos of dolls might be nearly as much fun as buying dolls:

* Realised that actually I had always liked the Lea sculpt (and developed an inexplicable fascination with celebrity dolls too):

* Got some top presents, even though it wasn`t my birthday:

* Found that photographing the cheapest playline doll can be just as fun as (if not more fun than) photographing an expensive one:

Butterfly Art Barbie

Hope you had a great Christmas! After my blue extravaganza, I started to become worried that I was going to run out of things to write about, so I made myself a list of all the posts I have planned in my head. I stopped at fifty-four, as I was starting to feel a bit intimidated … this isn`t counting any new purchases I might make (although both space restrictions and finances demand that I calm down on this front) just things I have already. It does include a lot of doll mods, repaints, renovations and sewing projects. My new years resolution is going to be to get a move-on with these, rather than going for easy options.

June to follow tomorrow …


2 Responses to “Fifth Day Of Christmas – May”

  1. Bat6660 December 30, 2011 at 1:10 am #

    I enjoyed that blog, it made me chuckle. xxx Have a Happy New Year Blogging and photographing xxx

  2. barbielea December 30, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    Thanks! I’m sure I will x

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