Sixth Day Of Christmas – June

30 Dec

During June 2011, I:

* Discovered photo editing (duh):

* Became a bit of an egomaniac with my birthstone and zodiac sign barbies:

* Featured Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie, which got the blog a lot of hits (well, she`s gorgeous)

Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie

* Started to think more about how to structure a picture …

* … and to experiment more with effects and filters …

Barbie basics collection 2 model 14

* Had a picnic (in the rain, actually, although you can`t tell from the pictures)

So In Style Pastry dolls

* Took one of my favourite pictures:

Re-dressed Twilight Alice doll

* Was deeply irritated by Barbie Heidi`s painted-on underwear:

Heidi Klum barbie in underwear

* Found a Barbie with tan lines:

Sun Lovin Malibu PJ 1978

* Made my first handmade dress out of pink PVC:

Barbie Lea/ Kayla

* Fought Chandra`s corner (not that it made any difference):

Barbie So In Style Chandra


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