Seventh Day of Christmas – July

31 Dec

In July 2001, I:

* Featured this Pre-Raphaelite pagan for the first time:

Secret spells kayla

* Played Cali Girl Uno:

Cali Girl Uno Card Set

* Got my first vintage sculpt doll:

Sixties Barbie reproduction

* Took this mermaid ….

Mermaid fantasy Kayla

* …. and gave her some legs:

Mermaid Fantasy Kayla re-bodied

* Took another of my favourite pictures:

barbie trixie speed racer

* Went on holiday:

Cali Boy Blaine and Cali Girl Lea go on holiday

* Made another dress:

Barbie in handmade dress

* Ripped off some 90s jeans ads:

Barbie Basics Jeans model 16 and model 5

* Had a great time restoring this Tori:

My Room Generation Girl Tori after restoration

Tori - after


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