Eighth Day of Christmas – August

1 Jan

In August 2011, I:

* Worked out who these Leas were:

Lea/ Kayla face sculpt, Fashion Fever

* Got a great deal on this beautiful Basic:

Basics Lara Sculpt

* Decided that despite the blog`s name, I was going to start featuring other dolls regularly. I can if I want, so there!

Super Sindy's alter-ego

* Found out that Cali Girl Theresa has one foot with silver nail varnish, and one with gold. Weird:

Cali Girl Surfer Theresa's feet

* Did some yoga with Model 14:

Basics model 14 doing yoga pose "The Warrior"

"The Warrior"

* Completely re-painted a Glam N Jam Barbie. I feel I should mention this because it was my first attempt at a re-paint, but that doesn`t mean I`m going to re-post the photo. Poor old GNJ. She too will get re-done at some point.

* Took another of my favourite pictures – this one of Barbie and the Rockers Dee Dee:

Dee Dee, Barbie and the Rockers


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