Kiyoni Brown – Flavas

26 Jan

Dolls are like buses. Seriously, you can spend months scrutinising the auction sites for your desired doll, then as soon as you have her, I can guarantee that millions of the buggers will pop up. I`ve had this happen so often that I wonder if sometimes, people see the original listing and realise they have a desirable doll that will fetch a few quid tucked away in a bin bag in the airing cupboard.

As none of the three Kiyonis I now own were identified on the listings and I had zero competition for any of them, I think it was just cooincidence this time. However, I still find it interesting that I have been beaten to it so many times with this doll and then suddenly managed to get three, super cheap, in the same month.

Kiyoni was part of the infamous hip-hop inspired Flavas range, launched by Mattel as competition for Bratz about ten years ago. I particularly like Kiyoni because she reminds me of the Goddess face sculpt, albeit more cartoony. I think this one may have suffered a little hair trim, which I will correct when I feel up to it. I`ve already done one dolly haircut today, and it unnerves me no end. Kiyoni`s extra-dark skin is fantastic, but her eyes really disappoint me. I remember how dissatisfied I was with brown-skinned, light-eyed Barbies in the 90s, but with Kiyoni, its been taken to extremes. One doll has hazel eyes (hmm, kind of fair enough, still a bit naff), this one has grey (inauthentic but beautiful, made me think of Sayuri in “Memoirs of a Geisha”) and one has vivid green. Cats don’t even have eyes that colour. Irritating, and asking for a good old painting over (shall I? shan’t I? Not sure yet).

Regarding her outfit, I love a bit of vintage Barbie clothing but it bores me no end on vintage dolls. I really liked the So In Style posts I did last year where I featured them in vintage, as I thought the very contemporary look of these dolls made the clothes look contemporary too. I think Kiyoni also wears these clothes very well. These dolls have great feet, flat and more proportionate to their bodies. However, as none of my Kiyonis came with shoes, I had to improvise and the only thing I had that would fit were one pair of vintage pink Sindy kitten heels. Even I know that`s really not very hip-hop …



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